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44th Dexeus International Forum

From November 21st to 23rd Barcelona hosted the 44th edition of Dexeus International Forum, a biennial professional meeting organised by the Dexeus Mujer Foundation. Its main objective is to present the latest advances and research in the areas of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Medicine, as well as to facilitate the debate and the networking.

The meeting was attended by more than 800 experts from all over the world, in many cases opinion leaders in their respective work areas. In this newsletter we briefly summarize the content of some of the talks that have been presented.

44th Dexeus International Forum


Luc de Catte · Intrauterine therapy: when is really necessary?

Birgit Arabin · Pregnancy: a key for the prevention of diseases?


Phil Hannaford · Health benefits of combined hormonal contraception

Susan Davis · Menopausal care: state of the art

John Einarsson · Laparoscopic management: what are the limits?

Pietro Santulli · Endometriosis: failing to plan is planning to fail


Richard Anderson · What are the effects of cancer and its treatment on ovarian function?

Nathalie Massin · New strategies for improving the practice and results of IVF

Carlo Foresta · HPV and male infertility: a new risk factor?

Laura Rienzi · Implantation failures: is the embryo responsible?

Nikolaos Polyzos · Androgens pretreatment: an option to improve IVF results

Herman Tournaye · What is the role of the andrologist in the ICSI era?

Anna Veiga · Genome editing: research in the germline

Montse Boada · ART Laboratory: past, present and future

Miquel Solé · Automated vitrification: next step to improve IVF results

Monica Parriego · Embryo selecction: what to do with mosaic embryos ?

Michel De Vos · The role of in vitro maduration of oocytes: a clinician’s viewpoint

Pedro N. Barri · Is there an ideal endometrial preparation treatment for frozen embryo transfer?


Dexeus Mujer Foundation would like to thank the more than 800 participants who attended the 44th edition of the Dexeus International Forum.

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