Can fertility be “boosted”?

Experts recommend not spending too much time worrying about it and most importantly, to get well informed, as there are a lot of false rumours floating around on the web. Dr. Buenaventura Coroleu, Head of the Reproductive Medicine Unit at Dexeus Mujer, tells us what is true and false about some of the most popular ones.

Having less sex improves sperm quality
True. Although frequent ejaculation improves sperm quality, both sperm volume and quality take some time to recover, so that while frequent sexual intercourse is recommended, it does not have to be daily.

After being on the pill, it is best to wait a few months before trying to conceive
There’s no need to wait: the pill has no effect on fertility. The reproductive system resumes its natural functions as soon as you stop taking oral hormones.

Some positions work better than others
No. Just use whatever position feels most comfortable.

Holding your legs up in the air after sex helps keep the sperm in the vagina
No. No post-coital position will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

You should avoid wearing tight clothes
True. Wearing tight clothing increases testicular temperature, which can alter semen quality.

Having an orgasm increases a woman’s chances of getting pregnant
There is no scientific link between orgasms and fertility, but sex should always be enjoyable.

You should wait at least one year before seeing a specialist
This is true, but only if you’re under 35 years old. If you’re older, the recommended waiting time before getting tests is six months.

Exercising can help
Yes, because it helps oxygenate the cells, stimulates the blood circulation, reduces stress, promotes restful sleep and improves our physical and mental condition. However, it should be practised in moderation.