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Implantation failure: what it is and what it is not

After the transfer of an embryo, it may manage to implant in the uterus and lead to a successful pregnancy… or it may not. The causes of this failure can be many and one of the most important is embryo quality. However, the fact that an embryo fails to implant does not necessarily mean that it is a case of what experts technically call “recurrent implantation failure (RIF)”. This is something that many people who undergo IVF treatments find difficult to understand, and it is a controversial subject. According to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society), there is no uniform...

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After a failed fertility treatment, when is it advisable to try again?

When a fertility treatment fails, we ask ourselves the following questions: what went wrong? When can I try again? Obviously, in the event of a failure, the possible causes must be assessed. However, oftentimes, a negative result does not warrant a specific study to find out the reason. Not all embryos implant and an unsuccessful cycle does not require searching for the cause. The medical team (gynaecologists, andrologists and embryologists…) will assess your case to determine if specific additional tests are needed to broaden the implantation failure diagnosis. Unfortunately, however, we do not yet have an answer for all...

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Thyroid problems: do they affect fertility?

Thyroid problems are very common. However, they are little known by most people and can go unnoticed, as the symptoms they cause are usually rather unspecific: tiredness, dry skin, lack of appetite, nervousness, constipation… But it is important to be vigilant, as an imbalance in the thyroid can disrupt the body’s hormonal balance, interfering with ovulation, causing irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, and other health problems. Thyroid problems are very common. They affect women more than men, especially women in their 40s and 50s. However, despite being quite common, they are little known to most people, and many of those...

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Reciprocal IVF: everything you need to know

If you are thinking of becoming a couple of mothers, the Reciprocal IVF method (also Reception of Oocytes from Partner or ROPA) is a great choice: it allows couples to share the experience of motherhood from the very first moment, it increases mutual understanding and involves a shared physiological effort. Moreover, in Spain, it gives both mothers the same rights and responsibilities regarding the future baby. Although it is a little more expensive than conventional in vitro fertilisation or insemination, those who choose it are certain it is worth it because it is such a special experience. On the...

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Fertility checklist

Most women take their fertility for granted from the moment they get their first period. But having your period is not a guarantee of fertility. To find out if everything is “working properly”, women need to undergo specific tests. You may never have thought about doing it, but it is definitely worth it, because if there is any problem, you will have more time to act, get information, make decisions and treat it. How can you find out? Well, it’s very simple. First, you should check your ovarian reserve. All you have to do is have a gynaecological ultrasound...

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