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Enjoy Christmas time, Dexeus Mujer looks after you

These special holidays are to share with the family and to live without worries, these days are to celebrate, to share illusions, to spend time together with your loved ones and welcome a new year full of good intentions. At Dexeus Mujer we continue working and looking after you, at Christmas and every day of the year, so that you only have to worry about celebrating these holidays in the best possible way. Thank you very much for trusting us one more year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL THE DEXEUS MUJER...

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How to deal with an unsuccessful fertility treatment

Assisted reproduction treatments have high success rates, but these rates are only statistical data. The circumstances of each person and each embryo are different in each attempt and treatment. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how the process will go exactly. In addition, many factors must be taken into account: the mother’s age, lifestyle and uterine receptivity, and the embryo’s own ability to implant and develop, even if it is of good quality. Even in egg donation treatments, where the egg donor is always a young woman, failures do occur. But even if we are aware of this, the...

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Can eggs be rejuvenated?

It is well known that time affects the quality of our eggs and that their number naturally decreases. This process accelerates from the age of 35 and the mechanism behind it is not yet clear. However, it is thought that individual genetic factors may influence this, since not all women have the same quality of ovarian reserve and do not start menopause at the same time. For this reason, some researchers are trying to find out how to speed up or delay this process by studying possible genetic alterations, while others are trying to find out whether it is...

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Success rates in assisted reproduction treatment: What are they and what do they mean?

Success rates are percentages that show the chances of getting a pregnancy offered by different assisted reproduction treatments. They can vary depending on each centre and on the technique, but, in general, high values indicate that the centre works efficiently and offers good results. Nevertheless, to interpret them correctly, you have to “read the fine print” and take into account what exactly they refer to, since each centre can present them in the way that best suits them and, therefore, they are not always comparable. In this post, Dr. Buenaventura Coroleu, a consultant of Dexeus Mujer’s Reproductive Medicine Service,...

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Embryo donation answers to frequent questions

The reception of donated embryos is an assisted reproduction treatment that has many advantages: it is much faster and more comfortable, it saves intermediate diagnostic tests, and its cost is lower than that of most of the usual treatments, such as in vitro fertilization or egg donation. But it is an option that is rarely considered at first, since most women and couples who wish to be mothers and fathers want, if possible, to use their own eggs and sperm. However, in many cases it is the best option, or even the only one. It is normally indicated in...

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