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Can I travel to Spain for a reproduction treatment?

If you want to be a mother and would like to come to our centre for an assisted reproduction treatment, you can do it! The travel is for medical reasons and is therefore permitted. They may ask you for a certificate proving that you have a scheduled visit. This documentation will be provided by our International Department, you just have to request it and we will send it to you by email. Since May, all our services work normally and at full capacity, so we carry out all the treatments indicated on our website. Regarding mobility between your country...

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First fertility consultation: what to know and ask

Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a while without succeeding, or if you just go to get information, the first visit to an assisted reproduction centre always has a special value. Not only because of what it means on a personal level, but also because of the many expectations we place on it and because it touches us deeply. So “everything” counts: the treatment and care received, the waiting time, the impression that the facilities or other patients give us, the information that is provided… Although the final assessment is usually the result of many factors,...

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Do you need an egg donation to become a mother?

Practical guide to choosing centre and treatment Turning to an egg donor is a necessary and a more frequent step in many assisted reproduction treatments, as with increasing age the ovarian reserve lessens, as well as the quality of our eggs. However, if you have been advised to do it, the news may catch you off guard, and you do not know what to ask. Most of us think that the most important thing is to find the right donor, but there are other factors to be taken into consideration, and that can only be evaluated by an experienced team. In this...

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Assisted Reproduction during the pandemic

GUIDE FOR ASSISTED REPRODUCTION PATIENTS DURING THE PANDEMIC A few days ago, the Spanish Ministry of Health has given the green light to the restart of activity in assisted reproduction centers. This is great news, especially if you had to interrupt your treatment due to the pandemic. But, obviously, the current situation is going to make things change a bit, since it requires establishing a series of security and preventive measures to minimize any risk. If this is your case, and you are wondering what changes have been introduced or what you should do, in this post we offer...

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The importance of maintaining a good psychological balance during assisted reproduction treatments

An assisted reproduction treatment can be a difficult and stressful experience. In this post, Fiammetta Grignolo, psychologist of our Psychology Unit, talks about the impact of assisted reproduction treatments in personal and couple life and the importance of containing the psychological discomfort they can entail. The difficulty to procreate can cause an intense emotional crisis in the woman and the couple’s relationship, which is manifested by feelings of denial, loss, fear and anxiety. Resorting to assisted reproduction techniques represents the possibility of satisfying the desire to become parents, but it also means facing a new and unknown situation, characterized...

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