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Against cancer, play sports!

Everyone knows that playing sports is beneficial to health, but not that it reduces the risk of developing cancer, and that in people who have had this disease it protects against possible relapses and helps to better face the treatment.  It is very good news! And many scientific studies prove it. The World Health Organization corroborates it and offers practical recommendations for different age groups (see box at the end). However, not all oncologists advise their patients to play sports, and, although advised, only a third of them follow the recommendations of their doctor. So, on the occasion of...

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Male infertility: what solutions are there?

They may not have the biological clock pressure, but they are also affected, in the same way, by infertility problems. Moreover, for most of them is the same as for us: they find out they have problems when they try to be parents, but they can’t. Luckily, in many cases these problems can be solved, and the tests to make the diagnosis are usually very fast and simple. But this is an issue not widely spoken and that men often do not even consider. Therefore, if you are young and have been looking for an unsuccessful pregnancy for almost...

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8 curious facts about human embryos

If you have not studied biology, it is likely that you only remember some of the basic notions you learned in school about this topic (like most people do…). But if you are pregnant, curious or you’re undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment, you may be a little more interested in it. In this article, Dr Monica Parriego, specialist in embryology and responsible for our Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory, offers us some data that you may not know or that could surprise you.  Ready to level up? How is it generated and how big is an embryo initially? The human...

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My Family

When you conceive a child through an assisted reproduction treatment with donated gametes (oocytes, sperm or both) you may be wondering whether it is right to tell the child, at what age you should do it and what consequences it could have. In this post Fiammetta Grignolo, psychologist of our Psychology Unit, gives us some indications. An assisted reproduction treatment with donated gametes can be a complex process for many people. One of the most delicate phases of this experience is the decision to tell the child how he was conceived. The desire to protect the child from possible...

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Do you talk to your partner about sex?

Many articles in women’s magazines start with questions like this one or similar, e.g. “are you sexually satisfied?” or “do you know what turns him on the most?” While these might sound a little corny, people like them as they’re non-committal and fun to read. Also, while these topics can be difficult to broach in conversation, people still find them interesting: sex is an important part of any romantic relationship and something you should be able to talk about. Your relationship might be great in this regard and you might not see the need to talk about it. However,...

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