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Do you need a sperm donor? Here is what you should know

If you want to become a mother and you need to undergo a fertility treatment with donor sperm, you will certainly be very interested in knowing how donors are chosen and what you can and cannot know about them. In Europe, there are sperm banks that can be accessed online to choose a donor. Some women order a sample and simply perform the intra-uterine insemination (IUI) themselves at home. In these online banks, donations can be anonymous or not. However, in Spain, donations must be anonymous by law. Furthermore, carrying out an IUI at home does not guarantee adequate...

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LGBTQI+ reproductive rights: Spain, far ahead of Europe

This may come as a surprise to you, but although Europe is considered a model for the recognition of human rights, when it comes to fertility treatments, there are still a few European countries where there are many legal barriers that prevent single women and women with same-sex partners from accessing these treatments, not to mention trans and intersex people. In France, for example, it is only recently that, after a long debate, a law has been passed by the Parliament allowing fertility treatments for women without a male partner. Freezing one’s eggs to postpone motherhood for social reasons...

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Do you know how the ovarian reserve is measured?

Maybe you do, or maybe you don’t. But, in any case, it is a subject that you —and all women— are surely interested in, as it provides key information for making decisions about motherhood, essential for those who do not rule out becoming a mother in the future. Your ovarian reserve is very easy to test, as all you need is a vaginal ultrasound and a blood test. In fact, you can ask for an ovarian reserve assessment at your annual gynaecological check-up. But before telling you how it is tested, it is important that you learn about some...

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Here is how we take care of your frozen embryos

If you have frozen embryos, surely you would like to be able to watch through a peephole how they are being looked after in the laboratory: where they are being kept, how they are being handled, what systems are being used to identify and preserve them, or how they will be thawed when the time comes to use them. It is only natural. Your embryos are the result of a lot of work and effort, not to mention all the hopes and expectations you place in them. Furthermore, embryos are an extremely sensitive biological material. Taking care of something...

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Enjoy Christmas time, Dexeus Mujer looks after you

These special holidays are to share with the family and to live without worries, these days are to celebrate, to share illusions, to spend time together with your loved ones and welcome a new year full of good intentions. At Dexeus Mujer we continue working and looking after you, at Christmas and every day of the year, so that you only have to worry about celebrating these holidays in the best possible way. Thank you very much for trusting us one more year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM ALL THE DEXEUS MUJER...

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