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Prevention is the key for a future against cancer

On February 4, World Cancer Day was celebrated. A disease that affects an increasingly high percentage of women at some point in their lives. Prevention is the key for the future of the fight against cancer, therefore, making small changes in your daily habits, you can also prevent it. By living a healthy life, can I avoid cancer? Healthy living and proper nutrition may not prevent you from developing cancer, but it will certainly allow you to be better prepared to fight and overcome it. What can I do to avoid cancer? Nothing can 100% prevent the appearance of...

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Preserving fertility: 5 reasons not to wait

If you are about to turn 35 and want to have children, but for the moment you are not considering it in the short or medium term, ask your gynaecologist to assess your ovarian reserve. It is extremely easy, with an ultrasound and an analysis is enough, and once you get the results, ask him/her if it could be indicated, in your case, to do a treatment to preserve your fertility. We often believe that it is an unnecessary expense and that nothing will happen to wait a few more years, but it is not true. Eggs age, and...

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Psychological support in times of COVID-19

If you had to postpone your maternity plans or stop a reproductive treatment due to the pandemic, it is likely that this situation has caused you some discomfort, anxiety, stress, or sadness. These are very understandable emotions since many women have experienced the break as a waste of time that has worked against them, because of their age or a low ovarian reserve, and they feel that waiting has reduced their chances of being a mother. And others, who had achieved a pregnancy, have lived in fear, feeling more vulnerable or alone. If this is your case, and you are...

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Can I travel to Spain for a reproduction treatment?

If you want to be a mother and would like to come to our centre for an assisted reproduction treatment, you can do it! The travel is for medical reasons and is therefore permitted. They may ask you for a certificate proving that you have a scheduled visit. This documentation will be provided by our International Department, you just have to request it and we will send it to you by email. Since May, all our services work normally and at full capacity, so we carry out all the treatments indicated on our website. Regarding mobility between your country...

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First fertility consultation: what to know and ask

Whether you have been trying to get pregnant for a while without succeeding, or if you just go to get information, the first visit to an assisted reproduction centre always has a special value. Not only because of what it means on a personal level, but also because of the many expectations we place on it and because it touches us deeply. So “everything” counts: the treatment and care received, the waiting time, the impression that the facilities or other patients give us, the information that is provided… Although the final assessment is usually the result of many factors,...

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