Author: Dexeus Mujer

The mosaic embryo dilemma

If you have never heard of mosaic embryos, this term may come as a bit of a surprise. They are so-called because these embryos contain both normal cells and cells with chromosomal abnormalities. This is caused by an error during embryo cell division, which cannot be foreseen or prevented. The presence of chromosomal abnormalities in an embryo usually prevents implantation or causes a miscarriage because the embryo cannot continue to develop. More rarely, it can also give rise to certain conditions with different consequences: intellectual disability, neurodevelopmental delay, heart disease, functional problems, morphological alterations, etc. Therefore, when these are...

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How does smoking affect fertility?

We play it down because it is a subject on which there is not much information and because despite being a bad habit, smoking is socially accepted. Therefore, hardly anyone thinks about it, not even before trying to conceive. However, in the case of sperm, many studies have confirmed that exposure to tobacco is harmful. In the case of women, as already mentioned, the relationship is not so obvious, but smoking has been shown to reduce fertilisation rates and increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy (implantation of the embryo outside the uterus), which poses a risk to the mother’s...

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Ovarian ageing: 5 interesting facts

We all worry about our first wrinkles and our first grey hairs, but we rarely ask ourselves how the passage of time affects our heart or other organs in our body, let alone our ovaries. Yet, ovaries are among the fastest ageing organs. Deterioration begins at the age of 30, and from the age of 35 onwards, this process accelerates progressively. Therefore, from a biological point of view, doctors consider that from the age of 35 a woman is already “old” to become a mother. The problem is that nowadays, at least in Western countries and especially in Spain,...

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What is perineal massage?

At Dexeus Mujer we want to be by your side throughout your pregnancy, so we bring you an exercise that will help you prepare for childbirth: perineal massage. Massaging the muscles and ligaments of the perineal area promotes flexibility and reduces the chances of tearing and episiotomy in childbirth, and if you do it every day you will be more prepared to try to have the most natural birth possible. This massage is the best training for childbirth, so you should do it daily from the 32nd week of your...

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Humanitarian project in Cameroon, will you help us?

On 17 February 2023, a team of gynaecologists from Dexeus Mujer will leave for Cameroon on a humanitarian mission to provide medical care to the population and train local surgeons. Their goal is to perform at least 50 surgeries related to the gynaecological pathologies that most frequently affect African women. The project is promoted by Elisa Beltrame, together with the Fundación Dexeus Mujer and the Fundación Jean-Félicien Gacha. Our team includes Dr Pere Barri Soldevila, el Dr Alberto Rodríguez Melcón, Dr Núria Barbany and three fourth-year gynaecology residents: Dr Claudia Montero, Dr María Pellisé and Dr Manuel Sánchez Prieto....

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