Embryo donation is a not very well-known fertility treatment. It consists in transferring to the patient’s uterus an embryo that has been donated altruistically by other women or couples who no longer wish to have children. It is recommended in cases where a double donation (eggs and sperm) is required. The advantage over double donation treatments is that it saves time, as there is no need to look for a suitable egg donor or check that she is compatible with the sperm donor. In addition, the selected embryo has undergone many previous control checks and meets the necessary quality and conditions to produce a pregnancy. Noemí decided to choose this technique after going through several fertility treatments and many failed attempts. And the result could not have been better: his name is Biel, and he will soon be three years old. “I want to thank all the egg, sperm and embryo donors. Thanks to them, children like my son can exist. These children are the result of the love of many people, and otherwise they wouldn’t be here”. She shares her experience in this video.