If you want to be a mother and would like to come to our centre for an assisted reproduction treatment, you can do it! The travel is for medical reasons and is therefore permitted. They may ask you for a certificate proving that you have a scheduled visit. This documentation will be provided by our International Department, you just have to request it and we will send it to you by email. Since May, all our services work normally and at full capacity, so we carry out all the treatments indicated on our website.

Regarding mobility between your country and ours, if you come from or reside in the European Union (EU), you should know that in Spain the entry of citizens of all the countries of the Schengen area is allowed, although since 23 November it is mandatory to have:

  • Negative COVID-19 PCR, carried out 72 hours prior to arrival in our country. You must bring the result with you since they could ask you at any time.
  • Completed public health form in which you will indicate: your personal details, flight number, arrival date and an email address. You can download it here.
  • QR code that will be provided when completing the questionnaire and that you must present when entering our country. It is mandatory to carry it on your mobile or printed on paper to pass the control.

In addition, other health control measures are carried out on all travellers, such as taking the temperature and a visual control to check that you are physically well.

Until now, before any intervention -such as follicular puncture to obtain ovules or embryo transfer- we performed a free PCR for detection of COVID-19 on all our patients. As, as of 23 November, it will be mandatory to enter Spain to have a negative PCR of maximum 72 hours before starting the trip, we will no longer need to do it here before the treatment. However, we will offer the possibility of carrying out a free PCR at our facilities to be able to return to your country, if the country of origin requires it.

You should also know that, after the declaration of the new state of emergency in Spain, internal mobility may be restricted from time to time between the different regions and municipalities. However, travel for health, academic, social assistance or work reasons is allowed. Likewise, in Catalonia, for the moment the temporary closure of bars and restaurants has been decreed, although you can order take away food. The movement of people has also been restricted between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., except for exceptions due to medical urgency or other justified reasons.

In our centre, only the necessary visits are carried out in person, therefore the first visit, as well as all follow-up visits in which it is not necessary to carry out any intervention or take any sample, can be carried out by video conference. Therefore, if the process that you must carry out is a Fertility Preservation or an In vitro fertilization (IVF) you can perform both the ovarian stimulation treatment, as well as ultrasound and laboratory tests in your country. The Dexeus Mujer specialist will prescribe your medication and will monitor you by video conference. You just have to come in the last controls for egg retrieval. If you are going to perform an IVF cycle with your male partner, he must also come to deliver the semen sample that we will need to inseminate the oocytes.

If you need an egg donation, the approach is extremely easy. First, you will have a visit by video conference with one of our specialist doctors and then with a biologist from our team. The doctor will assess your case and the biologist will explain the entire donation process: the screening we carry out to our donors, how the matching is carried out (physical and genetic), the types of donation and our results. In case of having a male partner, we will need him to come one day to freeze the semen sample and perform a genetic test that will be explained to you in the video conference. If this is not possible, there are other solutions.

Our donation program has been optimized so that patients do not have to travel until we have created the embryos. Subsequently, the uterus will be prepared with a hormonal treatment and in approximately 15 days and without the need for prior controls, the embryo transfer will be performed. You should only come for a maximum of three days, accompanied by your partner if you wish.

From the first moment, all our foreign patients can count on an International Department agent who speaks their language and whom they can contact at any time. It is a personalized service that helps them manage any procedure, keep their treatment schedule, and transmit their questions to the medical team outside the scheduled visiting hours.

Regarding the security measures against the pandemic, we inform you that our centre meets all the prevention and protection requirements established by the health authorities. We have also created a committee which is in permanent contact with the authorities and that constantly updates prevention and protection protocols. Moreover, the Hospital Universitario Dexeus, of which Dexeus Mujer is a part, received the COVID-19 Safe Hospital Applus Certification.

The security measures adopted include the permanent control of capacity at the entrances and the reduction of the number of visits and the number of visitors in the waiting rooms to guarantee the maintenance of the recommended social distancing. Magazines and information brochures have also been removed from waiting rooms, and patient identification numbers are for single use only. Likewise, the entrances and exits to the centre have been delimited and differentiated, and inside the use of a surgical protective mask or FPP2 without a valve is mandatory. Click here to have more information about the security measures in our centre.

In a scenario as changing as the one we are living in, it is possible that some of the restriction measures currently in force will change or disappear. So, if you have any questions, we recommend you to contact directly our International Department so that you can find out about the situation and know in advance any changes that may affect your treatment.