On 17 February 2023, a team of gynaecologists from Dexeus Mujer will leave for Cameroon on a humanitarian mission to provide medical care to the population and train local surgeons. Their goal is to perform at least 50 surgeries related to the gynaecological pathologies that most frequently affect African women.

The project is promoted by Elisa Beltrame, together with the Fundación Dexeus Mujer and the Fundación Jean-Félicien Gacha. Our team includes Dr Pere Barri Soldevila, el Dr Alberto Rodríguez Melcón, Dr Núria Barbany and three fourth-year gynaecology residents: Dr Claudia Montero, Dr María Pellisé and Dr Manuel Sánchez Prieto.

Our medical team will work on a voluntary basis, but we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on migranodearena.org to cover the costs of travel, medical equipment, and transport.

Will you help us?

The success of this project depends to a large extent on its dissemination. Share this great initiative with the hashtag #ProyectoCamerún so that it reaches as many people as possible.