What is the Chip ZyMotTM ICSI

The ZyMot™ ICSI Chip is a simple sperm selection device that, using microfluidic techniques, selects spermatozoa with better motility and morphology, low sperm DNA fragmentation rates and lower reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels than other traditional methods. This technique mimics the environment of the female genital tract where, in vivo, the selection of the highest quality spermatozoa that will reach the oocyte takes place.

What does it involve?

It is a chamber with an input well and an output well, both connected by a microfluidic channel (this structure is repeated several times). The procedure entails depositing semen from the ejaculate in the input wells and leaving it in an incubator at 37˚C. After a short period of time, the spermatozoa that reach the output well will be selected by the chip as being of the best quality.

When is it recommended?

It is recommended for patients with high sperm DNA fragmentation.