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Breast and health answers to 5 key questions

Even if it’s one of the most feminine part of our body, the breast is one of the most unknown. That’s why Dr Carmen Ara, coordinator of the Gynaecological Oncology and Mastology department of Dexeus Mujer, clarifies us some doubts and offers us some advices to take care not only of its aspect, but also of its health, which is what really matters. 1- At which age shall we start to perform a mammogram on a regular basis? Beginning at age 40, as long as no high hereditary cancer risk exists. If there is a family history, you must...

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What you should not ask anyone with fertility problems

Often, due to ignorance or overconfidence, we make uncomfortable comments or questions, without realizing it. In this post we have compiled some of the most frequent. So… How is the treatment going? Never be the first to bring up the subject and less in family gatherings or before other persons. If they want to talk or tell you something, they will do it, but they must be the ones who take the step and at the time they consider more appropriate. How long have you been trying? Do not even think about it. Most people who turn to assisted reproduction have...

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What do you know about myomas?

Myomas: the answers to 6 common questions What are they? Myomas are growths of muscle tissue that form in the uterine cavity. They can vary in size but are usually not larger than 4 or 5 cm. They are the most common benign tumour in the female genital system and affect an estimated one in five women of childbearing age. Why do they appear? They are caused by the proliferation of cells in the uterine wall. While the cause is still unknown, they are associated with the production of oestrogen, which promotes their growth. How do they differ from...

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For mothers aged 40 or over: what you need to know

Motherhood after age 40: probabilities and risks It can be done. But if you decide to start a family when you are older, it is very important to be well-informed and to know your realistic chances of getting pregnant, whether naturally or with the help of assisted reproductive techniques. In these cases, time is also a key factor. Dr Jorge Rodríguez Purata, an expert in reproductive medicine from Dexeus Mujer, answers a few key questions. Age: where is the limit? In general, doctors consider a woman to be “older” when she has a child at over 38 years of age....

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Are you ready for IVF?

ANSWERS TO SOME COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT IVF It’s normal to be a bit nervous when starting IVF treatment. As well as concerns about the treatment itself, there is the uncertainty of whether your will be able to get pregnant. But you don’t need to put pressure on yourself. In fact, you can put your mind at ease. To help you, we have asked Dr Beatriz Álvaro from our centre’s Reproductive Medicine Unit to answer a few of the most common questions patients ask her. Do I have to start treatment on a particular day? Yes, in the first few days of...

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