1. First of all: accept that nausea is part of the pregnancy and that is likely that you could suffer from it. Consider that 60-80% of pregnant women suffers from nausea, due to hormonal changes typical of the beginning of the pregnancy.
  2. It’s likely to improve: it is very common, yes, but it normally disappears around week 12-14 of the pregnancy and, generally, it’s not an unbearable discomfort. Once your body gets used to B-HCG levels and progesterone, you will notice that nausea is improving.
  3. Keep a positive attitude. Put victimhood and self-pity aside, this will help you a lot treating nausea. And don’t let your closest ones treat you as you were ill: it’s nausea, uncomfortable, OK, but it will improve and, what’s more, it is there because of something that makes you super happy: your pregnancy!
  4. If it prevents you from going ahead with your daily life, go and see your doctor. If it’s accompanied with frequent vomiting or if it prevents you from eating for hours, you should talk to your gynaecologist to find a solution. In some extreme case, when we talk about “hyperemesis gravidarum”, it could be necessary an endovenous treatment and hospitalisation.
  5. It could also appear some other digestive symptoms: Hypersensitive sense of smell, bad taste in mouth and excessive saliva are also very frequent. As well as slow and heavy digestion, constipation and heartburn could accompany you during the whole pregnancy. If some vomiting appears sometimes, don’t worry. But in case you vomit more than two or three times a day, consult your doctor.
  6. Find your way to overcome it: there is no “universal law” about nausea. Obviously, some medicaments (always prescribed by your gynaecologist) work very well, but maybe you could be one of those who can overcome easily the nausea eating mashed potatoes and tin loaf, who knows? Or you could find useful putting some ginger in your receipts for some period…



  • Don’t stay with empty stomach for hours.
  • Just eat what you like.
  • Don’t eat fast nor big quantity.
  • You’ll see that semi-solid food will be better for you: mashed potatoes, creams, omelettes, ice creams, baked fish, meatballs, tin loaf, etc.
  • Try ginger and lime in all their varieties: as condiment, in biscuits, drinks, ice cream… They are home remedies, but they really work with nausea.
  • Ask your doctor about the most appropriate medicament in your case.