If you want to be mother and you’ve been advised to go for an egg donation treatment, or if you don’t rule this possibility out, it’s normal to have many questions about it: which are its success rates? How will my donor be? How long does it take to find a suitable one? What does the screening consist of? And the matching? Will I take a hormonal treatment, or won’t it be necessary?

Doctors know that, even if each case is different, there are many repeated questions during consultations, because they regard general matters or aspects of the process development which are important to know in order to start the treatment without worries.

That is why, either if you are starting an egg donation process or if you simply need more information about it, we offer you an on line practice with Dr Elisabet Clua, responsible for the Eggs and Embryos Donation Program who will answer all the questions we will receive this month as a comment to this post.

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